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the Journey of Two hearts:
One animal, one human

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“Ginger: The Journey of Two Hearts One Animal, One Human” is the incredible true tale of one man’s 12 year journey with his beloved animal companion and how it transformed both of their lives. Told through a series of personal anecdotes, it chronicles their life together and how they affected the many people and animals that surrounded them. Inspirational, lighthearted and dramatics stories and adventures of the special bond that is formed between animals and humans, the book chronicles how valuable animals are in the life of mankind.

Released September 2021

The Fur Beneath My Wings: Our Relationship With Animals And The Valuable Lessons They Teach US

Released October 2017

The Fur Beneath My Wings: Our Relationship with Animals & The Valuable Lessons They Teach Us is a wonderful compilation of personal experiences and shared stories of man’s relationship with his companion animal friends. Delightful, funny, warm and inspiring, these stories reach to the heart of man and allows the reader to connect on a soul level. Living the human experience, we so often miss out on the beautiful lessons life can teach us about ourselves and our fellow human beings. In The Fur Beneath My Wings, we see that animals serving a fulfilling purpose, play a major part in teaching us such values as love, kindness, patience, and compassion.  So many lives have been changed as a result of a human taking on the care and well being of an animal.  Not merely just “pets’, but members of our family, their role is quite significant in our evolving into better human beings.


Also included in the book are seven contributing writers whose lives were beautifully transformed by their own experience with their animals. Their stories of friendship, determination, endurance, and inspiration will hold you captive as you marvel in the animal’s place in their lives. It is the purpose of this book to help the reader raise a level of awareness in the care and concern of animals not just on the domestic level, but also in sea life and in the wild. Each animal that God created has a purpose for being here. Their place is no less significant than the common man walking the street every day. Our relationship with them should not only enhance our lives but cause us to be the best of who we are and should always be.

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