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Being in a Good Place

It has been two and one half weeks that my book has been out and I'm still excited from all the buzz. Telling friends and family about the book has been fun, but reaching out to complete strangers and sharing has been even more uplifting. The one thing that does not make us strangers is if they identify themselves as a pet parent. Once I find out you have a pet in one form or another, that strikes a very easy conversation. I can also engage the interest of the person in my book. Once people hear information about animals (and they own one) their ears really perk up. I recently met a young lady in my neighborhood as we were both walking our dogs. Our dogs wanted to play with each other, and this opened the floor where I could talk to her. Came to find out we had much more in common. We identified on so many levels. This made for an easy flowing dialogue. I told her about the book, and she was elated. When I think about how good I felt in writing the book, I also think about how good the reader will feel when they are actually involved in the reading process.

All of this buzz surrounding the book, the sales, marketing and distribution has really put me in a good place. I am by no means at a Stephen King or J.K. Rowling status (even though I am looking to get there). I am enjoying the process. Going through the process for some people can oftentimes be very difficult.. It is through this process that one's faith is activated and placed in full motion. I like this place because it affords me the opportunity to share the message behind my book. That is most important to me, that people get the message behind the book. Once they get it, they will have a greater sense of understanding when reading the book.

Since all of this occurred, I also did my first radio interview on Saturday October 20 for my friend's radio podcast. She is also helping me set my podcast up, and I will be able to do live shows, pre-recorded and many more updates with regards to our friends in the animal kingdom. My show will deliver information, updates, guests and inspirational stories that touch the heart and make us appreciate our furry friends even more. This is another thing I have to get excited about. I am literally watching my dreams come true, and God has placed His hand on me and this assignment. May I be found ever faithful in completing the task that is before me. There is so much to do, , but I will be writing another installment very soon. I would like to make this a weekly blog. That way I can give a summary of the weeks events and latest developments. I can also give a hint towards what is coming. So friends, stay with me, as "The Fur Beneath My Wings" has taken flight,and we are embarking on a marvelous journey.

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