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An Assignment by God to Change the World

It has been often said that one person can make a difference. I believe this to be true. So often we think that we have to always do something in great numbers in order to make a difference somewhere. One person crying out against injustice and attack on civil rights made a global impact - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. One woman who refused to give up her seat that started a movement that shook the world - Rosa Parks. One woman who took a stand for peace and humanity impacted the world and influenced millions to try to follow in her footsteps - Mother Theresa. When we consider these leaders and the impact they made on the world, you have to wonder where there inspiration came from that could influence countless lives. Dr. King knew he had influenced a generation, but I wonder if he realized how lasting his legacy would impact the world today. So much so that we see a lot of his words coming to pass.

So it is with the activists and voices that raise their concern for our four-legged friends. Sam Simon, who was the co-creator of "The Simpsons" was a passionate animal advocate. He was so passionate, that he donated millions of dollars of his own money to form mobile care units for dogs and cats to receive surgeries for pet owners who could not normally afford the procedure. He passed away so soon, but left such an impression, and his legacy is still honored today. Thousands of animals, who would be euthanized, are being given a "second chance" at life through re-training and adoption from animal shelters around the country. He made a difference, and he was inspired by his love for animals and determination to see that they were treated with dignity and humanity.

For those who are persuaded by their faith, we have seen countless examples in scripture and in our own lives of those who were given an assignment by God that changed the world. Moses was given an assignment to go and deliver the Israelites from under Pharoah's bondage. His assignment forever changed their perspective on who God is, and what He was capable of doing if they would only trust Him. Paul was given an assignment to bring a message of salvation to a Gentile world that would forever cause us to look at God very differently and how He relates to those of us not necessarily "chosen by God." It has given us faith and power to serve a God that many thought were only for a particular people.

I believe God has given me an assignment. It is to show forth care and concern for the welfare of animals..To show a world laden with sin and inhumanity, that the least amongst us, can also be the best amongst us. They can teach us lessons, and cause us to grow towards being better human beings. God knew my passion for animals, and that they deserve a life filled with love, dignity and honor. He also knew that my working with animals, just as I worked my passion for cakes and cake baking, can make an impact, and change the world around us. I believe that if each one of us took a little time to show some regard and care for animals, this can be translated to human behavior. The next time we see a homeless person, we will show forth a little more compassion. The next time we find ourselves in a stressful situation, we can exercise a little more patience. These behaviors will not only make us better, but the world in which we live. How wonderful that how we treat our animals can have such a glorious effect on us as humans.

An assignment like this must not be taken lightly. Just as one may receive a calling to preach or another to teach, the calling is no less valid, and the content of its message no less important.. It should be regarded highly, and strong consideration given to its source. I also believe God has called each and everyone of us to an assignment that will help fulfill our life's purpose. I am glad mine fell on the task to raise awareness and become a voice for one who does not have a voice. It is an assignment that I take up with great pride, and move forward, knowing what I am embarking on can make a difference in the world we live.

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