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They Speak to Us Through Their Eyes

The other day, I was sitting in the car with my dog Ginger. As we have sat so many times before, this moment proved to be very significant. I was in the car just chattering away to her as if she were a second human being ready to give a response in my monologue. I knew it would only be a monologue because she couldn't respond in a human voice. Now I have talked to her before and I know she understands what I am saying by her actions. It can be the wagging of her tail or the sudden body movement in response to my voice. In this moment however, I wished that she could speak. Then I looked into her eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes that have captured my heart these past ten years and are always a joy to look into. Her eyes were looking back at me ,and not only did she seem to understand what I was saying, but her eyes were given a voice. It has been said that the 'eyes are the windows to the soul." Looking into those eyes, I could almost see her soul. We had connected on another level that gave me yet another reason to see how special this creature is and what she has meant to my life. As I proceeded to drive, I kept speaking out, "oh how I wished you could talk." If she could, what would she say? What would her voice sound like? Would she scream at me for not bringing her favorite treats or would she thank me for all the years of love and kindness we've shared together? Yes, those eyes. The eyes of any creature, be it dog, cat, bird or hamster seems to speak from the soul of the creature. We only need to listen with our hearts to hear what they are saying.

Many of us are familiar with the fictitious character Dr. Dolittle, from Hugh Lofting's series of children's books. Dr. Dolittle, who by his profession, would be a general practitioner, shuns human patients and communicates with animals. As far fetched as this premise may seem, Dr. Dolittle was onto something. Animals increased his perspective on human lives and the world at large. Talking with them gave him a greater sense of understanding nature and the world's history. What if animals could speak? A bird could share of his/her many adventures in the world of flight. A duck, who can both swim and fly, could enrapture one with stories from the air and the sea. Or a dolphin, who has been around for centuries could regale one with tales of the sea that could be more thrilling than "Huckleberry Finn." Throughout the years, man has developed ways through study and technology on how to communicate with various species of animals. Through sonar, he can communicate with mammals in the ocean. With research and science, he has developed ways to communicate with monkeys and gorillas. The strides man has made is impressive, but not to the extent that Dr. Dolittle reached in his communication endeavors.

I believe when a person adopts an animal companion, they form an incredible bond. A bond that brings them so close that there is a communication of the heart. I like to think this communication is heightened when we look into their eyes. The eyes of these beloved creatures emotes so many different feelings. You can look at them and see that they are sad, happy , angry and even depressed. The bond you share with them allows you to move into action and take notice. You want to understand what is going on with your beloved animal companion. If you see that your animal companion is not feeling well, those eyes will tell you. Just like any parent will look at their child and see the same. Dr. Dolittle communicated with animals to understand nature from their viewpoint. Can you imagine what they would have to say about human nature? Animals have been around since the beginning of time. They have seen and heard quite a lot. This is why I am always so fascinated with my dog and what she would have to say, if she could talk.

I also see the look of a lost animal when I visit the shelters or find an animal that has been neglected and abused. Their eyes cry out a pain that no shriek could ever match. To look into those eyes that have been hurt, they say, "please acknowledge that I am here. I want to receive love as much as I can give love." It is this look that draws us in when we are in the consideration stage of adopting. Those eyes reach out and grab you. They want you to pay attention and hopefully present them with an opportunity to live with you in a forever home. It is right there in their eyes. Looking also enhances the soul connection. You really see that animals do have a soul that can bring you closer to how special they really are. This is the connection I wished every human being could feel when they see an animal. We do the same as humans. No one wants to feel lost, neglected and alone. People have a need to connect with another living soul. Like animals, all one needs to do is look into their eyes.

I hope that I never lose that wonderful vision into the "windows of the soul" as I look into the eyes of animals. Be it at the zoo, at a friend's home or an animal that may be lost on the street. I hope that I always connect with them on some level. I will always wish in my heart that they could speak in a human voice, but I am a dreamer. For now, I can take that wonderful look and what is not uttered in words is communicated in my heart. Go ahead and take a look.

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