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Animals-They Are Incredible Creatures

It has been a minute since my last blog. So much has happened in the past few months and time simply did not permit writing in the fashion I wanted to for my blog post. I can honestly say though that as I write this blog, I am still in complete awe of how amazing these wonderful creatures that we call our pets, companions, best friends and devoted animals are. They never cease to amaze me in their behavior, training, devotion, attentiveness and overall existence of being an animal. I am sure there are many who can attest to what I am speaking about, and will back me up wholeheartedly. While I can appreciate that backing. I am speaking from personal experience that simply needs no backing. It would later become my own testimony.

I am saying all this because not only did I have my first book published in 2017, but it was followed up with a national tour (which is still happening), guest appearances and as of three months ago, a brand new radio show. "The Fur Beneath My Wings Radio Broadcast" debuted on June 3, 2019, and it has been going strong and getting better with each episode. I have to be honest, I never saw myself doing radio. It was at the urging of a friend who recently purchased a radio station. The Power and Inspirational Radio Network is now up and running. Featuring programs that range from meeting today's influencers to Biblical principles of living and empowerment shows for men and women, causing them to live their best life. So how does a show about animals fit into this group you may ask. Well, I will tell you. This is also where I am seeing firsthand the awesomeness of one of God's most beautiful creations and their existence in the purpose of mankind. They were always a part of God's plan.

As I delved into subject matter concerning animals, I was more fascinated at how much they have integrated into our lives as humans. In my book, I touch on simple virtues that we can learn from animals and should be practicing as humans: love, compassion, kindness, joy, dedication and hope. When I examined it a little further, I saw that animals face so many situations that we do, and some even more intensely. On my radio show I spoke about "Horders and Its Effects on Animals" as well as " Hospice Care in Senior Animals and Humans" and "Gentrification and Its Effects on Urban Animals and Animals in The Wild." The parallel between the two species has such similarities you can see why it really is so easy to learn from them. When I examined their social interactions and behaviors towards one another, humans should sit down and take notes as to how its done. This also affirms their creative genesis. Animals were created by God. Their spirits are so connected to the Spirit of God (who is a spirit-John 4:24) and its embodied in these various forms just as we are spirit encased in a human body that exists on this physical plane. Animals reflect the essence of who God is. Everything that is good and right comes from Him. This explains (at least to me) why animals can exude such unconditional love, bring joy to sorrowful situations, give hope when their is despair and cause people to act in kindness and compassion where there is none. They are reflecting the one who created them. As you look into their eyes, you truly see there is a God.

I was speaking on the subject of "Misunderstanding Service Animals, Emotional Support Animals and High Skilled Service Dogs." It is beyond incredible what these animals, in this case dogs, are trained to do. Their levels of intelligence and capability often goes beyond human comprehension. This is why they are such a good fit for anyone who may have a physical impairment, illness or disability that would affect their way of life. They can provide help and support to the individual who may not otherwise have it. Their connection with their human counterpart also shows the depth of a bond that is formed between the two. I have seen the ways that animals trained for service can do so much for people who cannot do for themselves. It really is beautiful to watch this bond develop overtime and sad when their relationship comes to a close due to illness or the death of one. Simple observation of various species gives a clear insight as to what these creatures are and how meaningful they are to our existence.

My first book is in its second printing and it sets the stage for my second book coming out next year. This book will showcase just how incredible these animals are in service (guide dogs for the blind, animals trained in sensitivity towards humans with medical conditions, etc), but also the wonderful stories behind each creature and their respective owner. It is those stories that will continue to showcase how incredible these creatures are while reflecting the very heart of God for all of His creation.

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