The Fur Beneath My Wings, LLC is an organization dedicated to being a resource for established animal advocacy groups and shelters helping to promote pet adoption and rescue. Also to stay in the fight to eradicate animal cruelty. It is my belief that you cannot "reinvent the wheel." Why not work with groups that are in place and provide support and help where needed. This can be done through marketing, promotional, fundraisers and simply volunteering. It is the goal of this organization to continue to spread the message about animal rescue and speak out for those groups that are out here fighting the good fight for our friends with in the animal  kingdom.  We must remember, they have no voice, and we must become their voice. Hence our tagline, "Raise Your Voice. Raise Awareness". Bringing attention to the plight of our furry friends and doing all we can to gain placement for them in "forever homes" with loving families.   

Organizations We Are Working With To  Promote Animal Rescue and Adoption